waves and sea

by Tom Jaime Mackinlay

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When I was a young boy
my mother said to me
dont' go
don't go hiding in the shade

but that's what I did
I went hiding
in the shade
where you'll find me now

I don't regret anything i did
although things could be otherwise
maybe they cant even be o'ther wise
because maybe random ness exists
maybe not
maybe chance is forbidden in the universe
maybe theres no thing as chance in this world
maybe all is cause and consequence
and theres absolutely no space for an ace of spades
cause all is set and determined
avery wave in the sea
flows predeterminedly
but in deep in the deep
but in the deep we all know thats not true
because we got the choice to choose
valga la redundancia de lo que acabo de decir
but its true
but its true

Maybe the waves of the sea tell a different story
Maybe the whales of the sea tell a different story
Maybe they choose their way
Maybe they're alive better then you and me

Maybe they are


released September 30, 2015
waves and sea obviously, hay algo de la impronta, aunque esté resfriado y mi voz parezca entonces la de un llorón desgraciao, hay algo de la impronta del primer enfoque de una idea que es muy poderoso, un ímpetu antifátidico difícilmente reproducible en versiones ulteriores a menos de que se mantenga una cuota de improvisación semejante. en este caso lo improvisado fue la letra, el mono-acorde y su cuarta ya estaban contorneados y la idea de melodía vocal poco mas o menos también




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Perros Lunares Buenos Aires, Argentina

The iterating of these lines brings gold;
The framing of this circle on the ground brings whirlwinds, tempests, thunder and lightning

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